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Wandering Clover Fed Beef 

More than just grass-fed - we're Clover Fed™
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"We live on a happy little farm in a small country town called Wandering. We have the happiest cows there can be because we feed them juicy clovers and mixed grasses - that's why our beef tastes so good!"   

The Kelliher family  

The Kelliher

family story

Welcome to our website. Clover Fed™ is the retail arm of the Kelliher Bros enterprise. Our core values focus on healthy soil to produce healthy cattle, providing nutritious food for our loyal and expanding customer base.

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Photograph by Australian Family Portraits

Our cattle are antibiotic

and hormone free

Everything We Offer


Our meat is tested by Chem Centre WA that has proven Clover FedTM beef has a higher-than-average level of Omega 3 fats. Also, our beef is packed full of antioxidants including vitamin E, and contains a high level of vitamins and minerals for added health benefits.


Our cattle are free to roam around lush pastures which means they're relaxed and happy while they graze. This is why Clover Fed meat has a higher saturated fat content than grain fed


Producing Clover Fed beef is much better for the environment. Our pastures are free from harsh chemicals and fertilisers that impair the soil's integrity and drain into the water systems. Learn more about the science

Why choose

Clover Fed™ beef ?

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Our Vision

The Peel Pasture Project

With the implementation of the Clover Fed brand, it became apparent that there was a missing link in

the pasture-fed supply chain – premium pasture-fed beef is not available year-round.

Our vision for a large scale irrigation project will provides the opportunity to expand sustainably, emerging as a leader in the application of innovative technology to not only mitigate the effects of climate change and reduced rainfall, but also to lift the environmental health of the Peel region.

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