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Environment & Sustainability  

More than just grass-fed-we're Clover-Fed

The environment and plans

for the Peel Pasture Project

Quote: Dr Peter Keating Managing Director Bioscience WA

The Peel Pastures Project will improve our environment by:

Using precise fertiliser application - increases plant growth efficiency informed by soil and nutrient monitoring together with leaf tissue testing to understand the health of our pastures.

Efficient water use - data analysis from IoT moisture sensors to enable efficient management of this vital resource.

Advancing regenerative agricultural practices – improving healthy soil, increasing plant biodiversity and boosting nutritional density of our beef

“Irrigation enables better plant production which increases soil carbon. Carbon makes soils more stable, able to hold nutrient and water better. Combined with very high nutrient use efficiency and controlled grazing, with automatic eyes on the weather and soil conditions, data collection means the new system can be continually optimised.”

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