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The Kelliher Family Story

More than just grass-fed - we're Clover-Fed

Our Story

The Kelliher family 

The Kelliher family have been farming in Wandering since 1929, expanding into the Peel Region in 1935, and specialising in beef cattle for 70 years. Our passion for farming and our duty to look after our local environment has inspired all four generations of our family. Farming with integrity, using knowledge passed down through generations has enabled us to produce consistent, high quality beef for families and corporates alike.

Our Farm

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 1929

We use farming techniques that can only be learnt through generations of farming. The ultimate aim is to keep our cows healthy and happy. 

We believe that happy cows provide a high-quality, tender beef - that's why we do everything we can to assure our cows are healthy and content with vast space to graze. We really do care about the quality of life of our animals and pay particular attention to the soil our pastures grow in. Our clover grows on mineral rich land where natural methods of farming are used to cultivate the crops without harsh chemicals.

Our farm is located in a valley, south of Perth city. From March to September, this region is the greenest in the whole of Australia. While the family enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, the cows graze on luscious green clover.

three clovers.jpg
Feeding before the calves arrive
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