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Peel Pasture Project

More than just grass-fed - we're Clover-Fed™

We discovered, though research and consultation with our customers, that there is an accelerating demand for high-quality, ethically produced beef that tastes the way it used to.

A reduction in rainfall has restricted our ability to produce a consistent and continuous supply of beef year-round.

Our solution to overcome these risks is with the use of precise management of water and fertiliser application. We have developed a pivot irrigation project that will allow us to sustainably fill a gap in the current market.

By moving away from inefficient granular fertiliser application on the soil to foliar fertilisation of the plant through the pivot, our Peel Pasture Project will lift the environmental health of the Peel Region by reducing fertiliser inputs.

We have an obligation to efficiently manage this vital resource. which would otherwise flow underground.


Peel Pastures will progress from a climate reliant model, to a year-round pasture-fed production - the missing link in the WA beef supply chain

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